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Coaching with Neuropsychology

Sports psychology and traditional coaching tends to focus on thinking.

You can try to focus your thoughts on winning, achieving the lap time, scoring the goal.

Thoughts and feelings are created in two different areas in the brain, and the area that is more important is the area concerned with feelings.

Your feelings and emotions, like passion, and drive, certainty, the 'gut feel' that you get, these are what actually gets the results.

But if that confidence has dwindled, or has been destroyed, it needs rebuilding.

With this style of working, you can re-create the precise feeling you want. You can destroy the doubt that has crept in, and reinstate the exact level of confidence you need.

You can dissolve the fear that has grown, and in its place put strength and a belief that you will achieve your goal - a belief that is required and is necessary to reach peak performance.

Traditional coaching in sport psychology would be getting athletes to focus and think positively, but the trouble with that is in the moment emotions getting in the way and stopping that focus and that thought. Emotion happens prior to thought, so it is imperative that feelings and emotions are solid.

The brain is one big pattern recognition machine, so if there are previous patterns of failure - we need to delete those previous disappointments, so that they don't keep rearing their head. This is not something you can do easily do with suggestions like "forget that last game", or "drawn a line under what's gone before".

The way the brain functions is actually part of the core reason for why bad runs or 'slumps' happen.

But with this style of work we can delete that old pattern, so we can literally wipe the slate clean start fresh, and even create a stronger start, embedding a powerful, positive feeling of self belief so that you can perform in a way you didn’t think possible.

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